New job, new mindset.

New job, new mindset.

After the last few weeks of craziness, family dramas and feeling pretty under the weather I’m finally coming out the other side. I’ve had rubbish news but also amazing news so the only solution to a both equally good and equally bad week is of course cake in bed! The biggest announcement to make is…


My last employer were so incredibly supportive of my journey the last couple years and gave me time off during my abusive relationships and flexible working for my anxiety. But I  outgrew the job quite a while ago and have been holding onto the convenience and the comfort zone.

I truly believe in opportunities presenting themselves to you at the right time and this one couldn’t have been any more serendipitous. Don’t get me wrong I worked my arse off during the interview process through three gruelling stages. BUT I GOT IT!

It’s a big step up and a much larger team and a challenge I am so ready for. I’m nervous but I have to keep reminding myself of how far I’ve come and how much I am capable of.

It’s such a hard thing to do to break out of your comfort zone. But by staying in the comfort zone for too long it’s just continuing to let the mental illness rule your life. In the last few years when I have really tuned into my gut instinct and intuition, and learned to recognise what my body and feelings are telling me things have turned around in the most amazing way.

If you’re at a point in your life where you feel like you have made the wrong choice, or are stuck, or don’t know where you’re going, or everything is just falling apart, TRUST ME. Things will work themselves out as soon as you start shifting your mindset. I did this after being suicidal, selling my clothes and furniture to pay my bills, and (just barely) surviving regular beatings and abuse from my ex boyfriend.

Things can and will get better. But you have to recognise when you need to break out of your comfort zone.

So this week is a rather short but sweet post, with a VLOG to follow of course! However I’m feeling super charged, healthy and motivated so regular blogging shall commence!


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