Must-have pamper products for sensitive skin

Not only was I blessed with an over-sensitive soul, but also ridiculously over-sensitive skin #BLESSED

I’ve had eczema since I was a baby, and although it’s nowhere near as severe as it was I still have flare ups quite regularly. Luckily I no longer get it on my face as I’m super careful about the products I use on it but my body is another matter! My arms are the worst and particularly in the winter due to the central heating, the cold outside and the thick layers against my skin.

A lot of products for hyper-sensitive or eczema prone skin leave a lot to be desired and in case you didn’t already know I bloody LOVE being pampered. Fragrances and perfumes in products are generally a no-go, and for me, anything with sparkle or light reflectors in makes my face puff up and itch like you wouldn’t believe.

Bath bombs are an absolute no *cries* as are most indulgent bubble baths and lotions. But all is not lost, after a lot of trial and error as I’ve found the few products I can tolerate but also feel totally indulgent!  


The holy grail. My skin savior. HALLELUJAH. This stuff is the best. Now watch out as some of their products do contain fragrances (although I’ve tried them before and generally, I’ve not had an issue!) but this Dead Sea Salt is absolutely natural and unbelievably soothing on eczema flare ups.

I used to have to rely on steroid creams if my flare ups wouldn’t go away by themselves, but since I discovered this stuff a couple of salt baths and cutting out all dairy, caffeine, and sugar for a few days works miracles. No more steroid creams  – yay!


This is so gentle on the skin and bubbles up amazingly even though there are no sulfates, soaps or dyes. It smells beautiful too. I use it as both shower gel and bubble bath.

It’s one of the only shower gels I’ve used that doesn’t make my skin feel horribly dry afterward.

There is some controversy about the claim from Dove that they don’t test on animals as they still sell certain products in China. Chinese law dictates that all foreign cosmetic products must be tested on animals. Ugh. So generally if a product is sold in China there is an assumption that products are not cruelty-free.

However, Dove has been approved by PETA as cruelty-free and have made a lengthy statement explaining how they’ve got around the China legislation.


This stuff makes my face feel like velvet, without any greasiness. It’s hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic which means it shouldn’t block up your pores. They do it in two versions one ‘Rich’ which is a lot heavier so I use this in the winter. But it’s an amazing facial moisturiser and in general, their products are pretty tolerable for me, but this one especially. It’s now the only moisturiser I use on my face.

It IS fairly pricey, but a little goes a long way and it’s often on offer. I also am more than happy to spend a little bit more looking after my skin. Particularly when the product is so great.


Normally this type of product wreaks havoc on my skin but this is the only one that freshens up my skin without any irritation or dryness.

I also rely on it for when I’m doing heavier make up in the evening. Having dry skin means make up tends to sit quite cakey on the face, and no amount of priming/moisturising/exfoliating seems to help that! So I usually spritz this on my face once I’m done with my base and it just makes my skin look more…skin like? Hard to explain, but if you haven’t already tried this I definitely recommend!

I’ve tried the rose version of this, and it just didn’t quite have the same effect. I also found it a little drying so for me, it’s this version all the way.


I’m obsessed with lavender. The smell is so soothing and reminds me of my house growing up as we had loads of lavender flowers in our garden. It’s widely known for it’s relaxing properties and you can apply it to burns/cuts etc as it has a load of homeopathic uses.

However, this isn’t being listed here so much as a beauty product but more to make up for the lack of fragrances in sensitive skin products. I put a few drops of this in my bath and it really makes so much difference. It takes you up to a whole new level of self-care, plus it can help send you off to sleep afterward…winner!


If I’m having particularly bad time with my skin being overly sensitive or dy this is fixes it pretty fast. It’s super quick at removing make up and doesn’t involve too much rubbing and aggravating when trying to remove stubborn eye make up. It tends to be a little heavy, so I use sparingly and make sure to wipe the product off my face properly so that it doesn’t cause any breakouts!


Widely known as the ultimate cleanser this is one of the only exfoliants that my skin can tolerate. It’s so gorgeous, and it smells amazing. Now many use this as a full on cleanser, but I tried using it on my eyes once and oh boy. I was a sorry state. So for me, I use this only on my face and only once or twice a week as more of a deep cleanse. My skin really glows after and I definitely notice a difference if I neglect this part of my routine after a while.

Don’t be put off by the price tag – it lasts absolutely ages as you really don’t need much each time!


Now, I hate to be one of those ‘coconut oil is everything’ people, but it really is pretty amazing. I use coconut oil pretty much every day to take off my make up. Even if I’m using one of the above products, this tends to make an appearance as well.

I literally take a small walnut sized amount and rub it all over my face. You look like a panda coming back from a heavy night out to start with, but then you simply wipe it off with a muslin cloth and you’re back to beautiful! It’s too easy, so gentle and smells unbelievable.

The ONLY caveat is that it’s important to make sure the oil is completely removed from your face…otherwise, you’re kinda just smearing old make up around and nobody wants that. It’s also comedogenic which means it can block pores, so not suitable for those with oily or congested skin.

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