Khaki Green: The Latest Colour Trend in Interiors

Khaki Green: The Latest Colour Trend in Interiors

Fashion and Interiors are so closely linked, so they often take inspiration from each other. Similar trends can be spotted as a result and so while mint green is still going strong and looks to last throughout summer, many AW19 fashion collections are dropping more and more hints and camo influence not only in pattern but particularly colour palettes. Those mint shades are stunning in the summery seasons, but if you’re planning ahead, these more earthy shades of green certainly offer more in the way of cosiness.

Additionally, there is a huge amount of research done into the psychology of trend and the link with society, politics, demographics etc and colour evolution. It’s all super interesting and I could talk about it for hours, but there’s a lot of talk that given the current state of affairs people are finding comfort in nature, organic lifestyle choices and wellbeing. All of which are demonstrated beautifully by this leafy green shade.

Now I’m not suggesting you go and decorating your home in camouflage wallpaper or a camo covered sofa (how would you find it? LOL. I’m here all week) but there are definite ways to pull this colour into your home and I AM HERE FOR IT.

It’s not a colour to be used without thought though. Do it wrong and you might end up with an accidental, not so pleasant throwback theme. But do it right and it looks sostylish.


Remove the phrase ‘feature wall’ from your vocabulary. While I’m sure that it can work, the safest and most sophisticated way to use this colour is by using it as an accent. 

It needs other colours to balance it out as despite it’s earthy tones it can be very overpowering. The right colour combination with khaki can create either a calm, traditional or modern scheme so it’s important to consider what vibe you’re hoping to achieve in your room as your first step.

Take a look at this stunning colour palette below.

Mixing it with the neutrals softens it instantly and the addition of tonal shades adds depth while minimising the ‘feature colour’ idea which can feel pretty dated. It’s classic, it’s subtle and it’s soothing.

The below example introduces some blush pink tones which sets of a stunning contrast. It’s bang on trend and is a logical evolution to the shades of mint we’re seeing and have seen so much this past few months.


Simple is usually safer here so being sympathetic to it’s natural connotations of nature and comfort, your best bet is to introduce Khaki through soft velvets and worn linens. It’s not coincidence that more and more retailers are expanding their fabrics to include khaki greens in their repotoire. Take this stunning armchair from Swoon Editions in their newest fabric, Fern Velvet:

The walnut and subtle gold accents keep it super classy, but super simple. 

A very easy and affordable way to play with colour (particularly if it’s a bit out there for you!) is through bedding. If you don’t like it, you can change it. Easy!

Below are some examples of where this khaki green works so well to create an inviting and cosy bedroom, and the accent cushion from H&M home is the perfect use of pattern with this colour. Not too overpowering, with an organic feel.


If you’re feeling bold, you can go all out. My favourite examples of where this colour has been used without it looking dated where it has been used on cabinets. It’s so fresh and unique. By tying it in with concrete it keeps it looking modern and helps lift what can be quite an overpowering colour.

So that’s that! I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced. Now…where did I put my credit card? That Swoon Armchair is CALLING ME.


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